Goals of the Tri-Line Plan

  • Eliminate air and noise pollution in Brooklyn Bridge Park and in the residential neighborhoods adjacent to the highway
  • Minimize disruption to the local neighborhood by eliminating any temporary highway
  • Create a new BQE that meets federal highway standards to improve motorist safety and traffic flow, while reducing the intrusion of cars and trucks into our city
  • Reduces traffic delays which result in substantial costs for businesses and residents
  • Save the Promenade in its current state without any disruption or closure
  • Preserve the historic Triple Cantilever structure
  • Expand and improve Brooklyn Bridge Park through innovative reuse of a historic transportation structure
  • Improve access to Brooklyn Bridge Park

Benefits to Brooklyn

  • Preservation of the Promenade and preservation of the Triple Cantilever (the highly important historic work of the “master builder” Robert Moses) will constitute the greatest act of historic preservation in Brooklyn Heights since the formation of the Historic District
  • Noise and air pollution emanating from the BQE in residential neighborhoods are eliminated
  • No temporary structure is needed, so no negative effects from construction on the Promenade or local residents
  • Improved access to Brooklyn Bridge Park benefits local residents and businesses
Photo by Ann Dooley

Benefits to New York City and the Region

  • Substantial cost saving of the Tri-Line plan over the current proposed alternative means less spending on roads and more spending on other priorities in the city
  • The Tri-Line shows a way to eliminate air pollution from our roadways, including the dangerous particulate matter pollution
  • Modernize a critical part of the region’s transportation network
  • Reduces traffic delays which result in substantial costs  for businesses and residents
Photo by Brian Anthony

Benefits to Brooklyn Bridge Park

  • Adds over 8 acres of space to Brooklyn Bridge Park
  • Eliminates the need for the existing berms, freeing acres of additional space
  • Noise and air pollution from the BQE, which significantly affect the Park, are eliminated
  • Allows for the growth in size and programming of the Park
  • Innovative reuse of the historic Triple Cantilever transportation structure enhances the “world-class” quality of this highly successful Park and adds the potential for unique programing of the Triple Cantilever
  • Avoids the negatives of a new concrete superhighway structure along the length of the Park
  • Connects the Park to Brooklyn Heights and the rapidly growing Downtown Brooklyn