What will happen to Furman Street access to Pierhouse (to the North) and 360 Furman (to the South)?

That access will be preserved, however it will no longer be possible to drive on Furman Street between those points. As a result, residents at Pierhouse and 360 Furman will have “dead-end” entrances and Furman Street will be the entrances to their homes.

Isn’t the slope too steep at the North End for a federal highway?

There is adequate space and room for the new BQE to rise up from ground level and pass underneath the Columbia Heights Street Bridge on its way to the passages through the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. Currently the BQE slopes down at that point

How will emergency access to the Park work without Furman Street?

There is no current emergency access to the Park from Furman Street. Emergency responders currently use the Park’s pathways.

If additional access to the Park is needed, it can be created in the Park alongside the new berm covering the new BQE